What You Should Know When Helping Your Parent Choose a Retirement Home

4 August 2021
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If you have an older parent, you might be working on things like helping them choose a retirement home. After all, you, your parent and your entire family might be worried about things like making sure that your parent has a safe, clean place to live. These are some of the things that you will probably want to know when helping your parent choose a retirement home.

Many Retirement Homes Are In High Demand

First of all, you should know that retirement homes are in high demand all across Australia. Because of this, you should start your search for a retirement home for your loved one as soon as possible. Your parent might have to get on multiple waitlists at different retirement homes, too. By getting on multiple waitlists, your parent can help increase the chances of being able to find an opening at a good retirement home.

Choosing One That's Attached to an Aged Care Facility May Be a Good Idea

Some retirement homes are actually attached to aged care facilities. Choosing one of these retirement homes might actually be a good idea for your parent. This is because right now, your parent might be able to take care of themselves fairly independently in a retirement home. However, as your parent needs additional care, it might be handy to already be living in a retirement home that is attached to an aged care facility. Then, the transition to a facility that offers a little more care should be pretty easy.

Some Retirement Homes Offer More Space Than Others

Some retirement homes offer more space for residents than others. In some, residents might just have a bedroom. In others, though, residents might live in a full apartment. If your parent wants to have plenty of space, then you will probably want to look for a retirement home that offers the latter option.

Some Retirement Homes Offer More Amenities and Services Than Others

Some retirement homes are more bare-bones in regards to amenities, but these homes are often more affordable. There are some that offer things like cooked meals, activities, transportation and more. If your parent has a little more to spend and wants to take advantage of as many amenities as possible, then this option might help them have the best experience after moving into a retirement home.

There Are Options to Help Pay for a Retirement Home

Of course, it might be important to you to make sure that your parent has a nice place to live when moving into a retirement home. However, you might be concerned about costs. Make sure that you look into pricing with each retirement home. Additionally, look into government programs, insurance and more that might help with covering the cost. Someone from the retirement home might be able to help you find financial aid options.